2013. október 11., péntek


A Kultúrcsempész Tarr Béla filmhéttel párhuzamosan AUTOPSIA plakát-és videóretrospektíva a Grand Caféban október 14-19-ig.

Na Šinobus festivalu šverca kulture paralelno sa nedeljom filmova Bele Tara, retrospektiva plakata i videofilmova AUTOPSIE u Grand Café-u u Segedinu!

From the beginning of the 1980s, AutopsiA (Prague-Novi Sad) presented itself through music
production, concerts, exhibitions and special publications. It insisted on an
exact media articulation of each of its products even though it positioned itself
outside of general media patterns. Standard mediatic forms were simulated
through the method of pseudo-production. Based on its understanding of the
impossibility of the work as a singular artifact, Autopsia produces images,
and, letting them pass through conventional forms of communication, tries to
control absolutely and totally its own production.

AutopsiA Short Films
Reality can only be grasped indirectly - seen reflected in a mirror,
staged in the theater of the mind.
We make ghostly films - haunted by great cinematic models:
Hans-J. Syberberg, Chris Marker, Akira Kurosawa,
and anti-models: Hollywood, MTV .
A posthumous films,
in the era of cinema' s unprecedented mediocrity.
The key to Autopsia films is beyond the narrative,
beyond the 'story' that we witness.
What provides the density of cinematic enjoyment
is material from beyond interpretation.

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